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Once the foundation is set take control of field activities with the Construction Bundle. Satisfy essential compliance requirements with daily site reports, quality and safety checklists, site instructions and sustainability (eg.LEED) programs Gate Three has pre-existing forms or inject your own into the workflow. Advance RFIs and submissions by connecting with external partners - architects, engineers, owners and others connected with the project.

With the project Schedule being the lynchpin of all construction activity the Milestones and Scheduling module brings it all together. Upload your MS Project or Primavera and integrate milestones with the rest of the project documents and workflow. Documenting progress and issues with photos couldn't be easier as the project team can easily upload their photos and videos direct from the jobsite via the Gate Three mobile app.

The collaborative features of the Construction Bundle aligns everyone and all activities to move ahead -together.

Daily Site Report

Superintendents create and manage daily log of site activity/conditions - use ours or create your own


Upload and manage your project photos and link them to other Gate Three documents

Quality & Safety

Create, modify and manage a quality or safety program with the related deficiencies.

Requests for Information

Tracks the entire RFI workflow across subcontractors, team members, and consultants

Milestones and Scheduling

Upload, create, revise and connect project documentation to key project milestones.

Site Instructions

Log Site Instructions provided by the consulting team and forward to project members from the Contacts module.


Automated workflow for planning, requesting, reviewing and tracking of all required submittals from contractors and suppliers.


Setup and track a LEED (or any Sustainability) plan for your project.


The Construction Bundle delivers efficiency into every phase of the project by enabling everyone to work off the same page. This bundle comes with proven workflows or they can be configured to align with your process, checklist and milestones. The Construction Bundle delivers confident coordination of the project and gives your team the freedom to focus on executing results.

Gate Three is simply a great tool for managing your project. The layout is great, the usability simple, and any limitations with the system seem non-existent.

All in all I would say it was a great experience. Can't wait to see use it again soon! - David, Engineer

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Construction documents such as Submissions, RFIs, Change Orders, Daily Site Reports, Photos and Milestones are logged, tracked, shared and stored for all stakeholders to use according to their role-based Access Control Level. Workflows are easily configured to ensure the project is run in a controlled manner.

Gate Three controls the project budget and costs by automating commitments, changes, and approval of pay applications, POs, time cards. and invoices.

With complete control of every document, dollar and process you take control of your project.

Reduce Risk

Construction projects are riddled with many potential risks - scope, budget, schedule, safety and quality. Gate Three reduces scope risk through its integrated change control workflow. With a clear view of project budget details and of all key milestones Gate Three reduces project budget and schedule risk. It enables you to reduce risks related to safety and quality by integrating your QA/QC programs with the rest of your project.

Better Decisions

Gate Three is an integrated management system that incorporates a communication platform, document management, electronic workflows, cost and budget controls, billing and cash flows, milestones, and management reporting.

With everyone on the same page, with the single version of the truth you have set the foundation for electronic collaboration. Having a single source for data/information storage provides visibility into the important details needed to make profitable business decisions.


Gate Three significantly boosts productivity across all departments/stakeholders since data doesn't need to be entered twice and is always available on demand regardless of where you or your teams are located.

Once you and your team have mastered Gate Three on your first project then you’ve initiated your first project database which you can leverage going forward.

With your first Gate Three project under your belt not only are you going to be more proficient on your next project but you have also begun building your project database which can be digitally analyzed and leveraged going forward.