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The first steps are crucial. Gate Three Foundation services the critical path to project efficiency with aligned and timely communication. Project execution improves when the entire project team (at the jobsite and in the office) are collaborating from the same information source, are reviewing the correct document version and understand who is accountable.

Gate Three is a single source of the truth for all project communication including, meeting minutes, contact information and project profiles. With your team electronically assembled, the Communications module enables your Project Inbox to reference and archive all correspondence - emails, letters, memos, conversation logs, all of which will be consolidated into eBinders during project close-out.

Additionally Design Documents are seamlessly uploaded, shared and stored for reference and review. As the project advances the Meetings module captures agendas and corresponding minutes, all the while an Activities Dashboards delivers a single workspace view of all related tasks and information.



A single dashboard of the activities assigned to you and others on each project.


Categorize and log all project correspondence within a centralized Project Inbox from your computer or your mobile device.


Manage/access a single database of Contacts - owners, subcontractors, consultants, vendors, employees.

Design and BIM

Manage your drawings, includes version control and supersede functions


Place all project documentation in it’s own folder taxonomy so you are ready for closeout


Create, issue and log meeting minutes and agendas

Project Profiles

A single file that captures all the pertinent information about the project - bid information, contract type, construction method, schedule summaries.

Preconstruction - Optional

Enables Bid-Notification, Estimate consolidation and Costing detail for the project team

Reporting - Optional

Schedule, and run on-demand, customized reports

Commissioning - Optional

Manage all corresponding forms/reports for assets on custom electronic forms


Managing contacts, activities, and communication are the foundation of every project. Double-entries, different drawings, misaligned activities and correspondence create are unnecessary delays and distractions that requires attention. There is already enough work to be done and time needs not be wasted on what should be automated processes. Every building needs to start with a solid Foundation, every project needs the Foundation Bundle.

With the minimal work I've done, it has been very easy to set up the contacts, and draft pursuit contracts. Also, the job aids for Pursuits have been an easy guide to follow on how use these modules. - Kevin, PM

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Construction documents such as Submissions, RFIs, Change Orders, Daily Site Reports, Photos and Milestones are logged, tracked, shared and stored for all stakeholders to use according to their role-based Access Control Level. Workflows are easily configured to ensure the project is run in a controlled manner.

Gate Three controls the project budget and costs by automating commitments, changes, and approval of pay applications, POs, time cards. and invoices.

With complete control of every document, dollar and process you take control of your project.

Reduce Risk

Construction projects are riddled with many potential risks - scope, budget, schedule, safety and quality. Gate Three reduces scope risk through its integrated change control workflow. With a clear view of project budget details and of all key milestones Gate Three reduces project budget and schedule risk. It enables you to reduce risks related to safety and quality by integrating your QA/QC programs with the rest of your project.

Better Decisions

Gate Three is an integrated management system that incorporates a communication platform, document management, electronic workflows, cost and budget controls, billing and cash flows, milestones, and management reporting.

With everyone on the same page, with the single version of the truth you have set the foundation for electronic collaboration. Having a single source for data/information storage provides visibility into the important details needed to make profitable business decisions.


Gate Three significantly boosts productivity across all departments/stakeholders since data doesn't need to be entered twice and is always available on demand regardless of where you or your teams are located.

Once you and your team have mastered Gate Three on your first project then you’ve initiated your first project database which you can leverage going forward.

With your first Gate Three project under your belt not only are you going to be more proficient on your next project but you have also begun building your project database which can be digitally analyzed and leveraged going forward.