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Welcome to Gate Three

Gate Three™ tackles the fundamental obstacle to fact-based decision-making.

Accessibility and availability of quality information, which in the construction industry is essential to project completion while data integrity critically serves as legal evidence and protecting companies against claim.

Inefficiencies are evident among countless industries as workflow is contingent upon interoperability of multiple data sources comprising of core, internally developed programs; externally developed mobile applications and shrink-wrapped software. The construction industry compounds its problems with its reluctant adoption of technology.

However, when used effectively technology can deliver business with company-wide decision-making capabilities, integrating structured to unstructured sources of information so it can be harnessed to differentiate companies for commercial gain.

Welcome to Gate Three™

  With the ever changing pace of our industry and technology, we finally have a user friendly economical software that will allow the users to work with their projects in real time. Gate Three has presented a system of accountability, reliability and organization that will help streamline nearly every process. - Meagan, Accountant